Is TOGAFCertification Worth it?


Worth of TOGAF Certification

Before knowing the worth of TOGAF Certification, it essential to understand how it works and how it benefits an organization.

The TOGAF stands for THE OPEN GATE ARCHITECTURE FRAMEWORK, which defines itself. This certification is in demand, and the demand for TOGAF Certified professionals is increasing day by day in the world of Enterprise Architecture.

Why is it hyped so much?

The TOGAF Certification is hyped so much because a TOGAF Certified professional has elite level skillsets to provide a company in the building and development of their IT infrastructure.

A TOGAF Certified professional is a professional who leads to manage, monitor and accomplish goals that are based on developing IT infrastructure for the long-term.

The Open Group Institute promotes the growth of TOGAF Certified professionals in the Enterprise Architecture world because almost 80% of the leading companies depend upon the TOGAF framework. To design IT infrastructure, TOGAF Methodologies are encouraged.

Roles of TOGAF professional in an organization

  • The major role of the TOGAF Certified professional is to simplify and explain the complexity of any IT infrastructure with the help of a well-strategized approach.
  • The TOGAF professionals are responsible for making long-strategies for an organization, a TOGAF Certified professional master each and every EA principles, which are quintessential to manage all sorts of IT-related issues.
  • A TOGAF Certified professional has skills to manage an infrastructure portfolio, which actually curates the history of current and previous versions of IT infrastructure.
  • A TOGAF Certified professional helps to create and design plans that effectively guide an organization in terms of technological grounds. All the plans are based on The Open Group Institute principles.
  • They help to align an organization’s business requirements with technology. They manage the Technology lifecycle by addressing the latest versions, updates and changes that occur in the world of technology.

Worth of TOGAF Certification

It is estimated that the demand will increase immensely in the next decade.

According to all the above-mentioned information it is clear that getting TOGAF Certification as an Enterprise Architect

is worthy.

Reasons to support the worth of TOGAF Certification

  1. Higher pay

Indeed, it is true that A TOGAF Certified professional would get a high salary in comparison to those who don’t get this certification. According to the survey PayScale, it is known that salary starts from$80,000 for a TOGAF Certified professional.

  1. Global recognition

The TOGAF methodologies are used across the globe. Almost 80% of companies use the TOGAF framework for IT infrastructure solutions, apart from that, the TOGAF principles and framework have simplified and smoothened the workflow since day one. As almost all the globally recognized companies use. Therefore the demand is growing across the globe.

  1. Better job prospects

As the demand for TOGAF Certified professionals is at its peak, it indeed increases the chance of getting a huge number of jobs in the leading companies.

  1. High designation

This certification is also responsible for setting an individual at a senior level designation in any organization they opt for as the individual possesses the elite level skillsets of TOGAF that will benefit the hiring company by which the individual will be hired. The individual will be responsible for pushing the standards of your company’s technological ground to another level.

  1. High demand

As mentioned in the above context, it is clear that indeed the demand for TOGAF Certified professionals is increasing drastically.

  1. Pocket-friendly course

The TOGAF course with foundational exams will cost $320, and with the expert level exam, it will cost an individual about $495, which is makes it incredibly pocket-friendly in comparison to other such courses. It is an investment for a bright future.

  1. Speak the common language

The TOGAF Certified professional masters in communication skills, and they know the common language that can effectively align the business with the technological needs of an organization.


Well, by the above context, one can definitely become sure about the TOGAF Certification and its significance and charm across the globe. It is indeed worth its certification. The difficulty level varies among every aspirant, but it has its own plus points. Because of high competition, it automatically becomes tough, but it isn’t impossible to achieve; it may take some class-based training, and most importantly, persistence will ensure that an individual will get the certification.


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